Day 15: Oshawa to Toronto

Short 60km cycle today from Oshawa to Toronto, but it was easily the most stressful of the trip. Busy roads, potholes, no cycle paths, bad drivers, aggressive trucks and lanes that led and… Continue reading

Day 14: Picton to Oshawa

Started the day by saying thank you to Gary and Priscilla. They wished me well and I set off towards Oshawa. I have about 156km to cover, so I left at 8.30am with… Continue reading

Day 13: Sydenham to Kingston to Picton

In the morning Melanie and I cooked a huge breakfast; bacon, eggs, beans, toast, hash browns, the full shaboodle. We cycled together to the start of the trail out of Sydenham to the… Continue reading

Day 12: Sydenham Lakes and Wolfe Island, Kingston

I took a day off today because I have to pick up some bike parts in Kingston tomorrow. Rather than go straight through to Kingston I decided to stop in Sydenham. It was an… Continue reading

Jour 11 / Day 11: Leaving Ottawa for Kingston on the Cataraqui Trail

Getting on the Cataraqui trail from Southeast Ottawa was pretty straightforward, along wide, straight roads. It also included my first 25km on the Trans Canada Trail. After that I took Highway ON 15,… Continue reading

Jour 9 + 10 / Day 9 + 10: A couple of days in Ottawa

This blog is about cycling across Canada, but it’s also about people I meet along the way: real Canadians, as  it were. I’m staying in Ottawa with my Cuban friend, now a Canadian… Continue reading

Jour 8 / Day 8: Ottawa

J’ai quitté le camping tôt pour commencer à l’étape suivante du voyage à Ottawa (100 km). Le voyage est la plupart du temps sur la piste récréatif de Prescott-Russell. Le chemin est le… Continue reading

Jour 7 / Day 7: Quebec to Ontario

I crossed the border into the next province today. I’m not sure when it happened but it did. I spent the evening before in my home city of Montreal (after Manchester, of course)… Continue reading

Jour 6 / Day 6: St Adèle – Montréal

Après une journée de repos à St Adèle pour organiser un peu plus du projet (y compris une page avec des liens faire un don à Équiterre ou la Fondation David Suzuki), j’ai… Continue reading

Jour 4 au Québec: Trois-Rivières à Saint-Adèle – environ 180 km!

Aujourd’hui je suis allé vers l’ouest sur la 138 en direction de Montréal, mais je vais en fait à Saint-Adèle, parce que le voyage est plus pittoresque, et après à Montréal sur le… Continue reading