Day 27: Great Depression-style ghost towns and meeting a fellow cyclist

Woke up to thick fog around my tent. Packed up and cycled through it for a few miles. Turns out a misty morning in Michigan is a lot like a misty morning in Manchester.… Continue reading

Day 26: Early rise under clouds and my first flat tire

The eVox bike’s riding well, I can easily cycle 70km with a combination of pedalling and using pedal-assist just for uphills or strong headwinds. If the road’s flat I can get to 23km/hr… Continue reading

Day 25: Cycling through six national widlife parks in one day

The day started early with me packing up my tent and setting off before the campsite woke up. I’m heading towards Marquette, although if I can get past Munising about 110km away that… Continue reading

Day 24: Doing something few people have done, and most assume isn’t possible – cycling into the US

To the people in the white car I was chatting with as we waited in traffic on the Sault Ste Marie International bridge, it turns out you can cross the border into the… Continue reading

Day 23: A day off in Sault Ste Marie and riding around on a motorbike

I spent the day in Sault Ste Marie researching the ride through Michigan and Minnesota on my Quest West. There’s not a lot to say except I walked around a bit and just relaxed… Continue reading

Day 22: Spanish to Sault Ste Marie on Trans-Can Highway, through Jurassic Park

I woke up and left the motel about 7am, dragging my feet at the prospect of cycling Highway 17. I could already hear the thunder of trucks from my room but as it… Continue reading

Day 21: Manitoulin Island through a 9,500-year-old village

I woke up from the campsite an hour before dawn and had a granola and banana breakfast. I ate in front  of a sunrise above a calm lake that looked like the shining… Continue reading

Day 20: Owen Sound to Tobermory after waterfalls and the beach

In Owen Sound  I stayed with Alisa and Sid, a retired couple new to Couchsurfing. Sid worked in the merchant navy travelling the Great Lakes delivering iron ore and wheat. Alisa has driven… Continue reading

Day 19: Toronto to Owen Sound, from sunrise to sunset

This is a long post as I travelled 180km today from Toronto to Owen Sound; from a city bustling with activity and bars, restaurants and festivals, to a town of 9,000 people at… Continue reading

Day 16, 17 and 18 in Toronto

So I took a few days off with Tracie to visit Toronto. My first impressions of Toronto weren’t great when I rode in past miles and miles of shopping complexes, but I’m happy… Continue reading