Day 43: Swift Current to a night in an abandoned house in the prairies

The city of Swift Current’s motto is “Where life makes sense”. I don’t know what existential nightmare the citizens were living in before they found Swift Current, and I didn’t stay long enough… Continue reading

Early morning hunting in Saskatchewan

If you spend enough time in Saskatchewan eventually someone will hand you a gun and tell you to shoot. I’ll explain all tomorrow, it’s been a busy few days on the road.

Day 42: The Longest Day – Moose Jaw to Swift Current

If you’ve ever had that dream where you’re trying to run but it feels like you’re at the bottom of a swimming pool moving through water, you know the feeling of cycling west… Continue reading

Day 41: Into the wind

That butterfly in Tokyo must have been flapping its wings pretty flipping hard today because the wind was immensely violent on the prairies. I only managed 65km until I stopped at Moose Jaw.… Continue reading

Day 40: Day off in Regina and buck-fifty shots

I like Regina a lot, it’s my favourite city after Wolseley in the last 1,000km. I was staying with Amie in her picture-perfect home in southern Regina. It’s right by the legislative building,… Continue reading

Day 39: Muscle cars in Wolseley and Regina, ahoy!

It was cold in the morning (about 3 degrees) so I took a really hot shower and packed up. I had breakfast on a table, turned my back for three seconds and a… Continue reading

Day 38: Saskatche-Three, Saskatche-Two, SASKATCHEWAN

The Prairies are incredibly beautiful. The road rolls out into the horizon and disappears around long corners. I’m following Highway 1 northwest today but it’ll eventually dip southwest and straighten out before Calgary… Continue reading

Cycling tips for crossing The Prairies in Canada 2012

Here are a few tips for cycling across The Prairies in Canada. I crossed The Prairies in September 2012, so this is an up-to-date resource for all touring cyclists. If you know anyone… Continue reading

Day 37: All-You-Can-Eat Sushi in Brandon and Manitoba’s roads improve

I write this in Virden, a town with a terrible reputation for cross-country cyclists. Back in 2004 this stretch of Highway 1 was branded a stretch of road where a cyclist had to… Continue reading

Day 36: Winnipeg to Brandon on bad, bad, bad Manitoba highways

I need to find some new routes off Highway 1 to get west. When it’s paved shoulder it’s good. Busy, windy, but fine for cycling. Too often the paved shoulder runs out though… Continue reading