Day 55: Nelson to Grand Forks via some big hills

I spent my evening in Nelson with the very cool Alex and her three sisters and Mom. They were really cool and quirky, exactly as you’d expect in a chilled-out town like Nelson.… Continue reading

Day 54: World’s Greatest Cycling Routes No. 7 – Creston to Nelson via 3A and the Kootenay ferry

If I was going to write a book on the world’s greatests cycling routes, Creston to Nelson via the Kootenay Lake Ferry would be no. 7 (I don’t have six more yet, and… Continue reading

Day 53: Cranbrook to Creston on a hangover

After a night that finished in a biker-bar called “Shotgun Willie’s” I woke up pretty rough with quite a way to go to get to Creston. I had breakfast and said goodbye to… Continue reading

Day 52: Fernie to Cranbrook through the mountains

This is the absolute highlight of the trip in terms of cycling. The scenery in BC is spectacular. The roads twist and turn along the valley floor and the mountains rise up with… Continue reading

Day 51: First impressions of British Columbia: mountain-biking and poker in Fernie

If you spend enough time in Saskatchewan, eventually someone will hand you a gun. And if you spend enough time in British Columbia, someone will hand you a mountain bike. And so it… Continue reading

Day 50: Below zero in Calgary and south to Highway 3

After a great two days with Marlene in Calgary I left at 6am to miss the early-morning heavy Calgary traffic. Calgary is a huge city, spreading itself across acres and acres of former… Continue reading

Day 48 and 49: Two days off in Calgary and a traditional Alberta dinner

You can’t miss the big fat cows when you’re cycling into Calgary (not a euphemism, I mean actual moo-cows).¬†Alberta is famous for its steak and its oil (crude, not olive). A typical Albertan… Continue reading

Day 47: Cycling the prairies in ten days – arriving in Calgary

It’s over.¬†I’m glad. Cycling the prairies isn’t particularly enjoyable. It goes on for days and days. If you’re thinking about cycling across Canada for a bit of fun, consider taking the train from… Continue reading

Day 45 and 46: Day off in Medicine Hat and cycling to Bassano

My day off in Medicine Hat was relaxed, I ate two pizzas and a load of chocolate bars and slept near enough all day. Blair was a great host and I definitely got… Continue reading

Day 44: Shooting guns in Piapot and Medicine Hat

In Piapot I stopped to get breakfast at the restaurant and charge the bike. On the cycle to the town a small car pulled up alongside me. Four young guys and a load… Continue reading