The Thanks Page

As life returns to normal and I take in the immensity of this cycling trip, this post is a way to say a hearty thanks to everyone who helped me across Canada.

Some people offered advice on directions, some people fed me or gave me a place to stay, some people gave me a good deal on a motel room or a camping spot and some even paid for my lunch. I couldn’t have done this trip without the help and friendliness of all the kind people I met along the way.

I owe a lot to the people that helped me, and I pledge that as people helped me, so I’ll help the fellow cyclists and travellers that come by my way in the future. This trip has made me certain that the world is a good place, and people are kind and friendly.

To Olivier, Muddasshir, Slim and Phoebe, Tracie and the gang at 268, Carlos, Alisa and Sid, Melanie, Don and Bill, Dave in Ottawa, David in Brandon, Blair, Peter and little Baxter the dog, Peggy, Rachel, Tanissa and her family, Frank in Duluth, Amie, Glenn in Piapot, Marlene in Calgary, Devan and his mates in Cranbrook, Nancy and Nelson in Creston, Alex and her family, Nancy in Grand Forks, Gordon in Fernie, Sharon and Bert, Jamie and Andrea, Heather and Allan in Hope and Keanu and Wes in Vancouver.

To Cameron in Ontario, Tom in Michigan and Jim on Manitoulin Island, who bought me dinner after chatting with them about my trip. To everyone that gave me directions, cycled with me to find the right streets and kept a wide distance as they drove past me in their vehicles. To everyone that shouted “Woohoo!” or waved at me as I was cycling.

To everyone at Procycle, and particularly Jacques, Charles, Patrick, Raymond, Brian, Guillaume and Francis.

To all the nay-sayers, the head-shakers, the eye-rollers and the tut-tutters I met along the way, you helped a lot in strengthening my determination to do this, so a little thank you to you too.

And finally, to everyone who followed my progress, sent me messages and commented on my posts, thank you very much. I have really enjoyed writing the blog and I hope cyclists crossing this immense country will find it useful in the future.

Best wishes, everyone – good night!

Follow your dreams, people!