Day 62: Hope to Vancouver! After two months, three flat tires and 5,500km the cycling journey is over

Hope to Vancouver on Highway 7 takes the No. 9 spot in my forthcoming book The World’s Greatest Cycling Routes.

The road at 7am was completely deserted, passing through farmland and around small

World’s Greatest Cycle Route No. 9 – Hope to Mission

mountain passes. A thick fog hung low over the fields and roads, and the scent in the air reminded me of Cornwall’s country lanes back in England, a sure sign I was near the coast.

A few steep inclines up to the town of Mission gave me a good appetite for breakfast. Although I wasn’t feeling it as I was riding I could hardly move my fingers from the cold. The cafe-owner handed me my change and it fell out of my hand onto the counter.

Early morning cycle between Hope and Vancouver

The ride from Mission to Vancouver was a little busier in the early afternoon. I didn’t have a lot of room on the road and I was aware of the potential tragedy of being hurt on the bike so close to Vancouver. Everything  went well though and I passed into the northern part of downtown Vancouver about 3pm.

I ended up cycling over the steep slopes of Burnaby Mountain, and a long uphill followed a series of shorter uphills and downhills as I headed to Vanier Park to meet the Procycle guys for the photo finish.

That’ll be it. I have crossed from Quebec City to Vancouver in two months, through the vast expanses of Ontario, the windy plains of Manitoba, the beautiful nothingness of Saskatchewan and the awesome mountain views of British Columbia.

I left Quebec in the middle of a heat-wave, I arrive in Vancouver in fall as the leaves turn red and drop from the trees. I’ve loved every mile, everyone I’ve met and everywhere I’ve been. Canadian people have been kind to me and offered their hospitality wherever I went. I’m happy to be here and I have no idea where to go next.


One thing I do know: I need a cup of tea after all that.

Log-wrangling, just outside Vancouver