Day 59: Day off in Keremeos: Moving furniture for a yard sale, hunting-hiking and Thanksgiving dinner at the garlic farm

Thanksgiving Dinner with Jamie and Andrea – serving the pie

We woke up early to help deliver some furniture to the yard sale. The old dears at the retirement home had baked cakes and pies so we picked up a few for the hike  and grabbed the guns to go up into the mountains.

Bert cooked us pancakes before we left = dope. They’re a little more decadent than English pancakes (sorry, Mum!). We hit the trail in search of deer but a load of fancy-pants hunters

Canadian Pancake

had already scared off the deer by riding around on their all-terrain vehicles wearing their camo gear and with high-powered rifles strapped to their backs.

It was a nice little walk in the forest though, stretching our legs a little.

That evening we had Thanksgiving Dinner at the  garlic farm with Jamie, Andrea, their family and friends. It was at least four courses of rich, delicious food and I was completely stuffed by the final bite of home-made pumpkin cheesecake. We ate around a long farm table, it was all very traditional, warm and homely. Plus I was pretty smashed after all the beer and wine.

Jamie’s English and he knows how much better the chocolate back in the Old Country is, so he handed me an English Cadbury’s Caramel Bar as I left; a little taste of home.

It was really nice to share Thanksgiving with such good people. Jamie and Andrea’s family are hugely successful with the business, they work hard and have good ideas for the future. Everyone in Keremeos has ideas on making money and living a good life. We found out even the retirement home made almost a thousand dollars selling pies that day!

Another good day in Keremeos, I could get used to this place.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, kind of (we shot nothing)