Day 56: Day off in Grand Forks, fixing the puncture and getting some sleep

I woke up in Grand Forks with a vague plan to get back out and onto Keremeos. I pushed my

Puncture like a bullet-hole


The back wheel

out and saw the puncture from yesterday. That killed my determination to do any cycling today.

I took all the bags off and up-ended the bike. I took off the back wheel and removed a half-centimeter shard of stone that had punctured the tire quite wide. I swapped the inner tube out and patched the other one.

Nancy was cooking a big meal for her friend that evening. I took a nap in the afternoon and relaxed, catching up on my sleep and getting prepared for the long day to Keremeos tomorrow.

I definitely needed the day off. The meal that evening was amazing, everything was organic or from the garden, and Nancy’s a fantastic cook.

Tomorrow I’ll be cycling about 2,000m in elevation on separate summits. Should be a fun day.