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The Thanks Page

As life returns to normal and I take in the immensity of this cycling trip, this post is a way to say a hearty thanks to everyone who helped me across Canada. Some… Continue reading

Global TV interview in Vancouver about cycling the eVox across Canada

A couple of days after I finished the cycle trip across Canada I was invited into the Global TV studio to talk about my trip and the eVox bike. If you want to… Continue reading

Day 62: Hope to Vancouver! After two months, three flat tires and 5,500km the cycling journey is over

Hope to Vancouver on Highway 7 takes the No. 9 spot in my forthcoming book The World’s Greatest Cycling Routes. The road at 7am was completely deserted, passing through farmland and around small… Continue reading

Day 61: Princeton to Hope – Descent from 1,300m in less than two hours

On the way from Princeton this morning an elk crossed my path. It was a young buck and one of its antlers had been snapped in a fight. I watched it jump a… Continue reading

Day 60: Keremeos to Princeton – Deer and eggs for breakfast, All-You-Can-Eat Indian for lunch and deer and mashed potato for dinner

Bert heard I had never eaten deer before, so he defrosted an entire hind-leg he had in his fridge. Part of it was going to Andrea to make jerkie, part for us to… Continue reading

Day 59: Day off in Keremeos: Moving furniture for a yard sale, hunting-hiking and Thanksgiving dinner at the garlic farm

We woke up early to help deliver some furniture to the yard sale. The old dears at the retirement home had baked cakes and pies so we picked up a few for the… Continue reading

Day 58: Day off in Keremeos: helping to build a deck and taking a nap on a sofa at the foot of the mountains

You spend enough time in Keremeos and eventually someone will hand you a cutting saw and tell you to build a deck. So I woke up in the home of Albert and Sharon… Continue reading

Day 57: Grand Forks to Keremeos – Eholt and Anarchist Pass conquered and the World’s Greatest Cycle Route No. 8: Downhill into Osoyoos

Thursday was a big day for me and the eVox. With the help of my leg muscles we summitted two separate passes, conquering Eholt Pass in the morning at -8°C, a height of… Continue reading

Day 56: Day off in Grand Forks, fixing the puncture and getting some sleep

I woke up in Grand Forks with a vague plan to get back out and onto Keremeos. I pushed my bike out and saw the puncture from yesterday. That killed my determination to… Continue reading